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Tips for producing SEM creatives with high CTR
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A completed search ad material mainly consists of 3 parts, including keyword, creative and landing page. "Creative" focuses on attracting users to click your ad. Therefore, the quality of your creatives makes a significant impact on the click-through rate of your ad.

Components of an SEM creative

Standard SEM creatives contain two components, which are the mandatory component and the add-on component.

1. Mandatory component of SEM creative

Mandatory component means the set of displaying objects which are compulsorily existed in a creative, including ad title, ad copy, and landing URL, as shown in the below example. Adding "logo image" and "wildcard" into the mandatory component shall further increase users' attention.

The red term "旅游" shown in the ad title and copy in the above example is a wildcard. A wildcard means the specific part of the content which can be replaced by the user's specific search terms. Utilizing wildcard can increase the relevancy of the creative and the search term.

2. Add-on component of SEM creative

Compared to mandatory components with a consistent format, add-on components support various kinds of design such as multi-image, multi-text link, and conversion button, where 2-3 add-on components can be displayed in the same creative.

Conversion button refers to several types of forms and buttons, which help to increase the number of direct lead generations. For instance, advertisers may add a "Call" button below the creative's mandatory component or add a form for leaving contact info for further inquiries.

Tips for generating quality creatives for your SEM campaigns

1. Utilizing appropriate ad formats

Although each campaign supports hundreds of creatives, we suggest launching just 3-5 sets of creatives simultaneously. Using multi-image add-on with >3 images for auto-optimization purposes, and prepare landing URLs with relevant contents.

Customize a set of mobile creatives, providing shorter and more accurate content than PC creatives.

2. Optimize the ad contents

  • Generate original content based on your product/service, avoid direct copying of other's creatives.

  • Using Short ad copies for easy understanding, avoid putting all keywords together in the same ad copy.

  • Adding numerics and symbols to attract user's awareness, such as "学历报考,仅需1,680" and "已服务30万名学生".

  • Focus on the selling of your product, such as "1对1辅导" and "0基础入学". (Please note that overstated descriptions are forbidden)

  • Inserting call-to-action sentences like "在线咨询".

  • Launch 1-2 ad titles in question format.

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