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WeChat Mini Program: ‘Sub-Application’ within the WeChat Ecosystem
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2021-07-22 | 2520 Views | Share:

For any business looking to expand in China, it is imperative to engage with WeChat. WeChat is China’s Top 1 daily life app, acting simultaneously as an instant messaging, social networking and e-commerce app.

What is the WeChat Mini Program?

The WeChat Mini Program is an ‘add-on’ service within the WeChat ecosystem. Although it debuted in 2017, the add-on service already boasts over 440 million daily active users as of 2020. With so many daily active users on the platform, incorporating WeChat into any digital marketing model is sure to generate results.

What makes the WeChat Mini Program special?

The WeChat Mini Program supports different types of programs e.g. gaming, news, e-commerce, videos, etc. These programs can be personalized by businesses, providing brands the opportunity to further enhance their brand allegiance, and raise the brand cognizance of their Chinese consumers.

For example, if setting up an online store via the WeChat Mini Program, businesses can quickly set up and include WeChat Pay in their online store as well. Such act would be beneficial to businesses in terms of increasing revenue, as WeChat Pay is widely used by Chinese netizens already – in Q4 of 2019, there were around 800 million WeChat Pay users – and having the option to pay with WeChat Pay could help streamline the customer shopping experience, potentially leading to more efficient and convenient sales.

In addition to customizing the WeChat Mini Program, the ad-on program also supports the inclusion of loyalty services and membership programs, providing brands the opportunity to further expand their customer service channels.

Is it indispensable to have the WeChat Mini Program for your business?

We recommend so. Taking into account the daily traffic of the WeChat Mini Program, and WeChat’s ability to allow businesses to customize the Mini Program to tailor their business needs, there are many benefits to using the program. Benefits include: helping your business reach and interact with more Chinese netizens, have another platform to utilize to retain allegiant customers, and potentially bring in new sales leads.

Can B2B businesses also have its own WeChat Mini Program?

Certainly. B2B businesses can utilize the WeChat Mini Program to reach new potential business partners. For instance, after advising a previous client to incorporate the WeChat Mini Program into their business model in a bid to reach new business partners, our client was able to launch their one-stop e-commerce and customer service platform within the program and successfully connect with new partners.  

Does my business fit the WeChat Mini Program usage requirements?

Provided your business does the following, then it will meet the WeChat Mini Program usage requirements:

1. Collect Chinese customers’ data, sending regular push notifications detailing the Company’s activities

2. Fast-tracking access to Chinese customers by allowing them to register with the Company as a user

3. Allow Chinese customers to watch live-streaming programs

What are the procedures for developing a WeChat Mini Program?

Steps for developing a WeChat Mini Program is straightforward. We recommend the below order procedure and rough production time estimate:

1. Amass the needs and requirements. Collect all the needs and conditions of the business, and summarize this in the UI logic

2. Design the user interface. It is imperative to design the user interface according to the business’ needs and requirements. The estimated time for design to take is around 10 days

3. Develop the WeChat Mini Program. This needs to be developed and coded by a programmer. The production lead time estimate is around 30 days

4. Training and maintenance. After the program is designed and implemented, it is important to train your staff so they feel competent and confident in using the program. As part of our tailored integrated marketing solutions, QS Search will provide training for responsible staff, as well as one-year maintenance support for the program

To enquire about using the WeChat Mini Program for your business, contact our marketing consultants at