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2024 Breakthrough Strategies for Recruiting Chinese Students: Must-Know Insights and Success Stories
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China is the leading global source of international students, making a significant impact on the worldwide educational landscape. In the 2021/22 academic year alone, China contributed over 1 million students studying abroad, which accounted for 15.99% of the global total. This figure is more than double the contribution of India, the next leading source. Understanding how to recruit Chinese students effectively can provide educational institutions with a substantial competitive advantage.

Chinese Students Prioritize Academic Excellence and Prestige in Global University Selection

To attract Chinese students, it's crucial to understand the factors that guide their university selection. Chinese students prioritize institutions known for their strong academic and research capabilities, which is a key factor for 27% of them. The recognition or value of academic degrees also plays a pivotal role, influencing 26% of students. University rankings are another significant consideration, serving as a quick reference for quality and prestige, impacting 22% of students.

Moreover, the perceived value of the university and its role in enhancing employment competitiveness is important for 21% of students. The friendliness towards Chinese students, accounting for 16%, ensures a welcoming environment that is essential for student satisfaction and success. Broader benefits such as the overall advantages and influence of the study destination matter to 14% of students, while rich employment opportunities post-graduation attract 13%.

Safety is a fundamental concern, with 12% of students considering the safety of the study destination as a primary factor. Financial support options, such as opportunities to receive scholarships, are crucial for another 12%, and the simplicity of the university application process is a deciding factor for yet another 12%.

Strategic Digital Marketing on Bilibili and WeChat Drives Successful Recruitment of Chinese Students for Overseas Study

Educational institutions must leverage digital marketing platforms effectively to reach potential Chinese students. Two standout strategies include the use of Bilibili ads and WeChat Moments ads.

University of Dundee – Bilibili Video Native Ads

The University of Dundee has successfully utilized Bilibili ads to showcase Chinese student success stories. Bilibili, a popular platform among China's Gen Z, provides a unique space for engagement through its interactive "bullet screen" feature. This approach has significantly enhanced the university's appeal to prospective students.

University of Stirling – WeChat Moments Ads

Similarly, the University of Stirling has effectively used WeChat Moments ads to reach potential students. WeChat, with over 800 million users, is an indispensable tool for targeting Chinese students at various stages of their educational journey, from high school to professional development. This comprehensive outreach ensures that institutions remain visible and attractive to potential students throughout their decision-making process.

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