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QS Search May Workshop: Exploring Bing Marketing Strategies to Reach Microsoft's 700 Million Search Users
Source: | Author:Jolly | Published time: 2024-05-20 | 305 Views | Share:

On the afternoon of May 16, 2024, we hosted an engaging seminar titled “Microsoft Bing in China: Marketing Strategies to Reach the Untapped Market of 700 Million Windows Users” in our conference room in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. The event saw a fantastic turnout from industry professionals and enthusiasts alike, making it a standout occasion in the marketing landscape.


Our Global Media Sales Manager, Adley, delivered an insightful presentation that unveiled the latest trends in Bing search advertising. He dove deep into the evolving landscape of search marketing in China for 2024, underlining the pivotal role of Bing search. Adley thoroughly explored Bing’s promotional strategies and showcased successful case studies, highlighting Bing’s significant presence as the second-largest search engine in China with a staggering user base of 700 million. He emphasized Bing’s importance for brands aiming to connect with high-potential Chinese consumers.


During the seminar, in addition to emphasizing the close integration of Bing search engine with other Microsoft products, the popular search engines in the Chinese market— and—were also highlighted., as the largest search engine in China, provides users with comprehensive and in-depth online information retrieval services through its powerful search algorithms and extensive product line. is known for its security features, offering users a safer search environment. The seminar provided a detailed introduction to the core products and technological advantages of these two companies.


Since our inception in 2014, QS Search Limited has been committed to crafting tailored Chinese media promotion strategies for clients worldwide, facilitating successful market entry for brands from 23 countries.


Looking ahead, we remain dedicated to organizing similar events to share the latest market dynamics and marketing strategies with industry experts and clients. Our mission is to empower and support clients in achieving success in the Chinese market through top-notch search advertising services. For those eager to gain deeper insights into digital marketing in China, feel free to reach out to us at We’re excited to provide you with more value and inspiration as we usher in a new era of brand marketing together.

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