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Should B2B Enterprises Promote on Xiaohongshu?
Source: | Author:Jolly | Published time: 2024-04-19 | 268 Views | Share:

In the realm of Chinese digital media, Xiaohongshu has garnered significant attention in recent years. Originally known as a lifestyle-sharing platform where individual users shared daily experiences and shopping tips, Xiaohongshu has evolved into a vital marketing arena for B2B brands.

With a user base of 260 million and rapid growth, Xiaohongshu provides a unique low-cost opportunity for B2B brands to connect with potential business clients.

Among its users, more than 70% belong to the post-90s generation, with half residing in first and second-tier cities—a demographic that includes key decision-makers and executives. Thus, Xiaohongshu offers an excellent avenue for B2B brands to engage and influence potential commercial clients.

According to data from the New Rank Marketing Intelligence Hub (新榜海匯營銷智庫), in April 2024, the average CPM (cost per mille) for the business services category on Xiaohongshu was RMB192.6, while for machinery and equipment, it was RMB181.1. Compared to highly competitive consumer-oriented (toC) content categories like beauty, electronics, parenting, fashion, and travel, B2B industries enjoy relatively lower advertising costs. This affordability makes Xiaohongshu an attractive platform for B2B brand exposure and increased brand awareness.

B2B sub-categories such as business services and machinery benefit from lower CPM costs compared to major 2C categories.

B2B enterprises can generate content focused on value in their posts and collaborate with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to enhance marketing performance

1. Content Focus on Value: B2B-related content should prioritize practical information. Consider various formats such as term explanations, concise visuals, and Q&A sessions.

An electronic component wholesaler promotes practical information in Xiaohognshu


2. Collaboration with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs): Partnering with authentic KOLs or everyday users can significantly enhance B2B content reach. Content generated by KOLs on Xiaohongshu tends to attract 40% more followers than official brand content, and some exceptional KOLs achieve conversion rates that are 7-8 times higher. 

An exhibition planning firm promotes with KOL contents and provides interactive contents such as free ticket offer in Xiaohongshu


In summary, Xiaohongshu is not just a personal sharing platform but also an emerging space for B2B brand marketing. By implementing effective content strategies and collaborating with KOLs, B2B brands can achieve dual goals of brand promotion and customer conversion on this dynamic platform. If you are interested in customizing your Xiaohongshu digital marketing strategy, feel free to contact us at

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