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Achieve Digital Advertising Success in China with the No.1 Native Browser - 360 Secure Browser
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In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity and business in China, staying ahead of the curve is not just a strategy – it's a necessity. As traditional browsers make way for advanced solutions, businesses need to adapt to the dynamic digital environment to ensure their online presence is not only secure but also strategically visible. One browser that stands out in this transformative journey is the 360 Secure Browser, known for holding the highest market share in the current Chinese browser market.


360 Secure Browser Leads the Domestic Digital Landscape in China in 2023


The report from Statcounter emerges as a beacon in this dynamic landscape, providing invaluable insights into the capabilities of the 360 Secure Browser. Let's delve into the significance of this guide and explore how it can shape the future of digital advertising in China.


Recent market data reveals that the Chinese browser market is valued at around 2 billion yuan. The 360 Secure Browser leads the pack in terms of market share and user volume. Developed over 17 years, this browser boasts continuous research investment, offering key capabilities such as cross-platform compatibility, unified management, comprehensive lifecycle security protection, and simplified security operation and maintenance. In comparison to global counterparts like Google and Talon, the 360 Secure Browser aligns more closely with the "local" usage scenario demands of Chinese users.


"Statcounter" Report about Desktop Browser Market Share China


Elevate Your Brand Visibility with 360 Secure Browser's Ad Solutions

In the vast realm of digital advertising, two key products offered by the 360 Secure Browser stand out – Native Ads and Splash Ads.

1) 360 Browser Native Ads: Seamless Integration, Precision Targeting Perfection

Imagine your brand seamlessly integrated into the fabric of the 360 Browser New Tab Page, offering users a harmonious browsing experience. This is the power of 360 Browser Native Ads.

Crafted with precision, these ads boast a single-image format strategically designed to capture the undivided attention of users. Beyond aesthetics, the advantages of 360 Browser Native Ads extend to precision targeting, a seamless fusion with 360 Search big data, and a tailored platform for promoting B2B brands.

2) 360 Browser Splash Ad: Beyond Ordinary, A Resonating Brand Experience

Now, picture your brand taking center stage on the 360 Browser New Tab Page with an ad that goes beyond the ordinary – the 360 Browser Splash Ad.

This rich media banner is not just an ad; it's an experience. Tailored for attention-grabbing displays, the Splash Ad ensures your brand doesn't just speak but resonates in the minds of your audience. The advantages are clear – heightened brand awareness and the ability to convey messages through visually impactful presentations.


If your brand aims to enhance its online presence and explore advanced advertising strategies, connect with us today. Contact our marketing experts at, and let QS Search guide you through an exclusive consultation. Whether you're considering precision-targeted native ads or impactful splash ads, consider 360 Secure Browser, in collaboration with QS Search, as your partner in navigating the forefront of digital advertising.

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