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Achieving Continued Growth in the Saturated Chinese Market through WeChat SEM and SEO Strategies
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In this digital age, a brand's success often depends on its performance on internet platforms. However, with numerous internet media platforms in China, where should you allocate resources next? If you are looking for the most potential search platform in China at present, then WeChat will be your preferred choice. As the largest social media platform in China, WeChat's user volume reached 1.313 billion in 2023. Yet, how can you stand out on this massive platform, reach over a billion potential customers, and become the focus of users' attention? We will provide you with a series of strategies and tips to help your brand achieve a higher ranking in WeChat Search, thereby attracting more user attention.


SEM and SEO promotion on WeChat Search are must-know strategies worth strengthening for brands in 2024

WeChat, as a national-level social media platform, maintained its leading position in traffic in 2023. According to the “2023 China Social Media Platform Guide,” the user volume of the WeChat APP reached 1.313 billion, among which the users of WeChat Official Accounts reached 1.116 billion, and the user volume of WeChat Search reached 800 million. This user scale increased by 14.29% year-on-year; both the user scale and the increase far exceed other social media such as Douyin, Weibo, and Kuaishou.

In 2024, brands can consider allocating marketing budget to utilize WeChat Search and Official Accounts through SEM and SEO strategies to enhance brand exposure and user reach on WeChat.


Brands can improve their ranking on WeChat Search and attract more user attention through the following WeChat SEO Tips

To enhance brand exposure and user reach on WeChat, WeChat SEO is an indispensable consideration. Here are some SEO tips that can help improve the ranking of brand official accounts on WeChat Search and effectively reach target WeChat users:


1.    Basic account settings and certification

·         Account name: The OA name is a major measurement in WeChat ranking; it is recommended to name it with the brand name or the combination of the brand name + keywords. Keywords should be strongly associated with the brand characteristics, value points, and the image you want to establish in the user's mind.

·         Account description: Contains keywords such as the industry to which it belongs, product services, core selling points, qualifications, and awards.

2.    Continuously create valuable original content

·         Good title: The title of content holds high weight in ranking measurement. Titles should be clear, easy to understand, and strongly related to the main meaning expressed by the content.

·         Maintain content output frequency, strengthen interaction with private messages, comments, and replies

·         Add high-frequency search keywords to graphic content; use long-tail words close to daily communication sentences.

3.    Use the WeChat OA menu cleverly

·         Popular navigation menu with high CTR will be displayed in the search result page of WeChat Search.

·         Menu Name setting: Be specific, direct, easy to understand, and strongly combined with core function points, business types, and user high-frequency usage requirements.

·         Update the menu in time to avoid dead links.

4.    Avoid ranking descending behavior

·         Avoid adding large-scale advertisements and links that do not conform to the redirection logic.

·         Avoid using plagiarized content directly or unrelated titles.

·         Avoid malicious SEO behavior: occupying common or broad keywords, stacking keywords, counterfeiting well-known brands.

·         Avoid using an irrelevant title for the content.

If your brand wants to layout SEM and SEO on WeChat Search, please contact us or send an email to, contact the marketing expert of QS Search, and get your exclusive SEM and SEO launch strategy.

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