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Baidu Brand Zone: The Best Partner for Overseas B2B Enterprises to Establish Brands from 0 to 1 in the Chinese Market
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A recent survey report, "Overseas Companies' View of China 2023," customized for the 6th China International Import Expo, reveals that inspired by China's post-pandemic economic recovery, over 87% of surveyed overseas companies plan to expand their business presence in China. The allure of China's manufacturing prowess, consumer market size, and opportunities in the digital and sustainable development sectors are the key drivers attracting overseas businesses. However, despite the attractiveness of the Chinese market, overseas B2B enterprises face numerous challenges when entering, requiring constant attention and adjustment of their marketing strategies due to significant differences in the domestic and international marketing environments and cultures.


Data Source: HSBC Expo Special Report "Overseas Companies' View of China 2023 –

Digitalization and Sustainable Development Leading Future Growth"


Three Major Challenges Faced by Overseas B2B Enterprises in Chinese Marketing

 1.     Cultural Differences: Cultural differences pose a significant challenge for overseas B2B enterprises entering the Chinese market. The distinctiveness of Chinese culture, encompassing social values, thinking patterns, religious beliefs, and language, can create disparities in advertising content and marketing strategies, making it challenging to cater to Chinese consumers' needs and preferences. Without a deep understanding and adaptation to Chinese culture, success in the Chinese market is elusive for overseas enterprises.

2.     Fierce Competition: Entering the Chinese market exposes overseas B2B enterprises to unprecedented levels of competition. The vast and highly competitive Chinese market sees numerous local and international brands actively vying for consumer attention and purchasing power. In this fast-paced, dynamic market, overseas enterprises must precisely identify their positioning and advantages to stand out amid fierce competition, involving innovation in products, optimization of services, and brand shaping.

3.     Media Platform Selection: China's media market is vast, complex, and intensely competitive. Numerous local and international brands strive to showcase their products and services through various media platforms. Overseas enterprises must invest substantial time and effort in market research to understand the strengths and weaknesses of different media platforms and how to maximize brand awareness and sales performance effectively. Choosing the most suitable media platform demands significant time and effort.

Baidu Brand Zone - Helping Enterprises Establish Brands and Precisely Capture Customers in Intense Competition


For overseas B2B enterprises entering China for the first time, building a brand and accurately acquiring customers are crucial for success. Baidu, as a leading internet service provider in China, offers distinct advantages with its Brand Zone advertising, assisting enterprises in establishing a brand image and precisely reaching their target customers. Therefore, choosing Baidu Brand Zone advertising is a wise decision for entering the Chinese market.

1.     Prime Screen Position for Reduced Search Loss: In the highly competitive market, the golden screen position helps overseas B2B enterprises enhance their competitiveness. By placing attractive and unique ads on the prime screen, enterprises can differentiate themselves from competitors, attracting more potential customers and increasing market share.

Baidu Brand Zone: First-screen Effect Case Study


2.     Establishment of Brand Image and Communication Channels with Customers: Baidu Brand Zone helps overseas B2B enterprises build brand images, enhance brand awareness, and gain recognition in the Chinese market. By advertising in the Brand Zone, enterprises can showcase their products, services, and advantages, capturing the attention and trust of potential customers.


Baidu Brand Zone: Customized Brand Image Case Study

3.     Rich Content for User Engagement: Baidu Brand Zone provides various forms of navigation links, including text links, navigation, images, or videos to showcase brand content and attract user clicks. Enterprises can set sub-navigation links in the Brand Zone, directing users to other pages or specific sections of their website, improving user experience and conversion rates.

Baidu Brand Zone: B2B Business Service Cases


Through Baidu Brand Zone, enterprises achieve click-through rates and conversion rates surpassing their peers by 75%, utilizing keywords, text links, product images, and other clickable elements.


Entering the Chinese marketing market presents both opportunities and challenges for overseas B2B enterprises. Choosing Baidu Brand Zone as a partner can effectively help enterprises build brand images, precisely capture target customers, and reduce marketing costs. Now is the time for your business to enter the Chinese market. Join Baidu Brand Zone, let your enterprise stand out in intense competition, and create a better future together! Contact us at to expand your business presence and achieve your commercial goals.

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