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SEM Strategy For Travel Industry: Leveraging Baidu Solutions to Drive Brand Expansion in China
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Recently, China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism has twice released lists of outbound group tours and "flight + hotel" services, continuously optimizing outbound travel policies. Data from the Civil Aviation Administration of China reveals that in the first half of the year, international passenger transport volumes rebounded to 23.0% of 2019 levels, with June seeing international passenger volumes recover to 41.6% of the same period in 2019. With the increase in international flights, demand for outbound travel, including business trips, family visits, graduation trips, and summer study tours, has been steadily increasing, ushering in an orderly recovery for outbound tourism.


High demand for outbound travel - Chinese tourists prefer southeast Asia, with Thailand as their top choice, holding a 31% share.


In the second quarter of 2023, national travel agencies organized 1.22 million trips involving outbound travel, totaling 5.64 million traveler days. Single-item outbound travel services reached 390,100 travelers. The top ten destinations for travel agency-organized outbound trips in the second quarter, ranked from high to low, were Thailand, Hong Kong (China), Macau (China), Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, France, Egypt, and Italy.


Convenient visas, abundant tourism resources, and high cost-effectiveness make East Asia and Southeast Asia the primary destinations for outbound travel. Thailand, in particular, has consistently held the top spot, accounting for 31% of outbound tourism since its resumption.


Post-90s generation leads the charge in overseas travel, accounting for over 57%


The economically empowered and adventurous post-90s generation unsurprisingly constitutes the majority, accounting for over 57% of outbound tourists. Due to safety concerns and other uncertainties, former backpackers and solo travelers are now more inclined to travel with family, friends, or partners, with 77.7% of travelers choosing to go on trips with companions. The trend of family vacations during the Spring Festival holiday season has boosted family travel, accounting for 33.7% of travelers.


Meeting the Rising Demand for Travel – How to Reach the Target Audience Effectively


Baidu Marketing offers a comprehensive end-to-end marketing solution for the travel industry, catering to every aspect of consumer decision-making when selecting travel routes. Leveraging Baidu's comprehensive data and the power of "search + recommendation" it enhances customer acquisition efficiency.

1)     Rich brand display for an impressive first impression

Whether showcasing natural landscapes or hotel and airline information, innovative brand styles can quickly establish a brand's authoritative image. Optimizing search results ensures the latest and most authoritative information is regularly updated, effectively reducing the communication gap between brands and travelers while enhancing the brand's official image. Additionally, attention-grabbing displays like city profiles, attraction profiles, and brand stories precisely target core brand traffic, establishing a positive brand image.


2)     Creative and landing page style enhancements for improved conversion

Regarding creative styles, providing rich travel guide information and front-loading landing page components builds user trust and strengthens conversion for travel-related needs. For landing page styles, creating travel guide-style landing pages, showcasing videos of attractions or scenic areas, and introducing new content formats attract more potential travelers and enhance conversion.


If you would like to learn more about utilizing Baidu Marketing for targeted travel promotions to boost brand visibility and capture more user attention during various festive seasons, we are eager to collaborate with you. Together, we can formulate specific marketing strategies. Please don't hesitate to reach out to our team at We are dedicated to providing you with full support and assistance to help your brand flourish in the realm of Baidu Marketing!

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