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Revolutionize your brand reach with dynamic 360 full screen ad
Source: | Author:Clara | Published time: 2023-06-01 | 874 Views | Share:

The recent resurgence of the tourism and hotel industries during the May Day holiday has renewed hope for the cultural and tourism sector. In this dynamic landscape, businesses must seize the opportunity to drive industry growth and effectively engage with emerging consumer segments. As part of the "summer tourism industry" revitalization plan, 360 full-screen ads have again been recognized for their immersive recommendation capabilities. This article explores the latest highlights of the award-winning 360 full-screen ad and provides valuable insights.

1. 360 full-screen ad secures the title of "Best Digital Marketing Tool of the Year" 

During the tourism industry's recovery phase, the challenge is to reach customers and inspire their desire to travel effectively. 360's lock screen ad is a proven solution for this. In the 14th Golden Mouse Award Digital Marketing Competition, "Dream-seeking Around the World: 360×Summer Revitalization Plan for the Tourism Industry" won the prestigious "Intelligent Marketing Gold Award," and 360's full-screen ad was recognized as the "Best Digital Marketing Tool of the Year." The Golden Mouse Award Digital Marketing Competition, founded in 2009, is widely supported and participated in by major digital agencies, advertisers, media platforms, and third-party platforms across various regions. It serves as a trusted benchmark for observing the industry's rapid changes.

The 360 PC full-screen ad strategically targets the workplace scene, effectively reaching white-collar workers during their productive 8-hour workday. It is presented in a captivating close-up large-screen format, offering unique advantages in advertising impact. With its "unlock-and-see" display logic, users naturally engage with 360 8.7 times daily.

2. Maximizing your brand exposure with 360's Lock Screen Posters

During the successful "Dream-seeking Around the World" campaign, the 360 full-screen ad achieved remarkable results, generating over 120 million exposures and boosting partner brands' conversions by 20%. The winning strategy behind this success involved several key factors.

2.1 360 collaborated with OTAs and Airlines for Enhanced Targeting and Customer Reach

To enhance targeting and reach customers, the 360 full-screen ads collaborated with online travel agencies (OTAs) and airlines. They partnered with major OTAs like Ctrip Travel, Mafengwo, and Tuniu, as well as renowned domestic and international airlines such as China Southern Airlines, Air New Zealand, and Royal Dutch Airlines. This collaboration aimed to precisely target customers and ensure maximum outreach.

360 utilized its DMP crowd data to achieve precise targeting, catering to various travel scenarios like short trips, long trips, and overseas travel. By capturing regional audience preferences and user demands effectively, they delivered more relevant ads to potential customers.

Furthermore, through strategic cooperation with Ctrip Corporate Travel, the 360 full-screen ads utilized circle-breaking ability, rapid information content seeding, and search cognitive enhancement. This approach opened new customer acquisition channels, resulting in 42 million exposures and an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 2.41%.

These strategies created a seamless closed-loop marketing experience, reaching the right audience through targeted partnerships and leveraging data-driven insights.

Furthermore, 360 expanded its marketing chain by integrating full-screen ad browsing and QR code scanning for bookings, offering users convenient one-stop services. Beijing Universal Resort took advantage of 360's full-screen ads to promote scenic spots and facilitate ticket and hotel reservations for individuals planning to visit the resort or residing near Beijing. This initiative acted as an "acceleration key" for users' travel plans, ultimately boosting the online conversion rate of brand advertising.

2.2 Immersive Experience: Unleashing the Power of Scene Images in 360 PC Full-Screen Ads

360 PC full-screen ads ingeniously incorporate scene images and introduce a scene-switching mode, allowing potential users to immerse themselves in the captivating ambiance of local scenic spots. Look at the following full-screen ad, an exemplary showcase from the "Traveling China with Lock Screen" marketing campaign. Through this ad, users can seamlessly explore various scenes and indulge in a cultural landmark slideshow, providing a comprehensive display of Beijing's ancient architecture. This online experience enables potential consumers to feel the historical and cultural heritage of classic Beijing tourism. It perfectly aligns with the aesthetic preferences of the public while also generating outstanding results, with 1.57 billion exposures and 200 million total network voices for the cooperating brand in this campaign.

360 PC screen advertising provides a powerful platform for reaching high-value users in their work environment. Additionally, 360 Lock Screen Posters offer the opportunity to engage with an even wider audience, captivating them with stunning visuals that stimulate a strong desire to purchase. As the overseas core agent of Qihoo 360, QS Search boasts nearly a decade of experience in helping foreign brands establish a robust presence and raise awareness in China. Our expertise lies in utilizing industry-leading digital media skills to tailor a diverse range of Chinese media marketing solutions for overseas companies.

Are you ready to elevate your brand to new heights with 360's innovative advertising solutions? Don't miss out on the exciting opportunities presented by 360 Lock Screen Posters. Contact us today at to discover how we can help you effectively connect with your target audience!

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