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What are the marketing nodes for June in China?
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International Children's Day -- June 1, Tuesday

International Children's Day is an internationally recognized holiday dedicated to children and celebrated in over 40 countries and regions across the globe. It was first proposed at the International Democratic Women's Federation conference held in Moscow, Soviet Union, in 1949, to commemorate the Lidice massacre in 1942. The holiday serves as an important reminder of the need to promote and protect the rights and welfare of children and to raise awareness and concern for the issues affecting them in society. 

In terms of this holiday, brands can capture the interest of parents and children by implementing personalized marketing strategies that incorporate them into brand marketing. For instance, launching products, promotions, and parent-child activities that align with the Children's Day, theme can help link the brand to children's happiness and ultimately lead to a stronger competitive edge in the market.

National College Entrance Examination -- June 7 Wednesday & June 8 Thursday

The Chinese National College Entrance Examination, commonly referred to as "Gaokao," represents the sole means for high school graduates in mainland China to gain admission into higher education institutions. Taking place on June 7th and 8th each year, Gaokao consists of cultural courses and comprehensive quality evaluations. This period garners significant attention across various industries in China annually.

When developing marketing strategies related to Gaokao, it is important to consider factors such as the market, cultural background, and unique characteristics of the candidates. It is also essential to show respect towards the feelings of both candidates and their parents, which can help to garner broader market recognition. From a brand image-building perspective, launching products or promotional activities related to the candidates can effectively enhance the brand's image among young people.

Jingdong 618 Festival -- June 18, Sunday

The 618 Festival represents a significant marketing opportunity that attracts many Chinese consumers each year. Brands can collaborate with the e-commerce platform to increase brand exposure and user loyalty through various means, such as discount intensities, diverse activities, after-sales services, social and UGC marketing, and more. By taking advantage of this event, brands can effectively achieve their sales goals.

Father's Day -- June 18, Sunday

Father's Day was announced by US President Calvin Coolidge in 1924 to be celebrated on the third Sunday of June each year. Since then, Father's Day has gradually spread to other countries such as the UK, Canada, Australia, and other regions. On this day, people usually give gifts or cards to their fathers to express appreciation and filial piety.

Father's Day is a notable marketing opportunity for businesses, as it presents a chance to promote products and services relevant to the occasion. Companies often launch various forms of Father's Day gifts, such as men's perfume, watches, and other goods that reflect the image of fathers. By taking advantage of's 618 Festival, brands can attract consumers to purchase Father's Day gifts through discounts, full reductions, and other promotional methods designed to increase sales and generate more revenue.

Dragon Boat Festival -- June 22, Thursday

The Dragon Boat Festival is an ancient Chinese tradition, typically celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, to honor the patriotic poet Qu Yuan. During this festival, people participate in activities such as eating zongzi, racing dragon boats, wearing sachets made of mugwort leaves, and hanging mugwort leaves in homes to celebrate and commemorate this cultural event.

For businesses, the Dragon Boat Festival represents an opportunity to attract consumers by launching gifts related to the festival and blessing phrases. Additionally, companies can increase interest in the festivities by releasing themed posts related to the Dragon Boat Festival and inviting consumers to share their celebration activities. This can help to generate greater awareness and participation in the event.

As a friendly reminder from a risk control perspective, while paying attention to the marketing selling points of Chinese festivals, brand owners should also consider the special nature of these holidays when promoting them to audiences. Festivals have their unique traditions and cultural connotations that differ from any other marketing events. Therefore, it is essential to design corresponding marketing strategies and content that respect the holiday culture and traditions. Additionally, when selecting marketing channels, brands should choose appropriate media and methods that are suitable for the festival theme to improve the effectiveness of promotion and user recognition.

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