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The ranking of user volume for Chinese mobile internet enterprises in 2023
Source: | Author:Clara | Published time: 2023-05-17 | 779 Views | Share:

At the end of 2022, Chinese internet research firm QuestMobile released the ranking of user volume for Chinese mobile internet.

1. Top Companies on the Ranking:  Tencent, Alibaba, Baidu Group, Douyin Group, and Ant Group

According to the ranking of user volume, Tencent holds the first spot, followed by Alibaba, Baidu, TikTok Group, and Ant Group. Tencent operates three major apps, all of which are social media platforms - WeChat, QQ, and Sogou. For instance, WeChat offers a multifunctional platform that caters to almost all social and commercial needs, with various features such as "Moments(朋友圈)," "WeChat Pay," and "Search,"(搜一搜) deeply penetrating a vast number of mobile internet users.

The second to fifth spots on the list are held by Alibaba, Baidu Group, Douyin Group, and Ant Group respectively. Alibaba's e-commerce platforms, such as Taobao(淘宝) and Tmall(天猫), are globally renowned online shopping platforms. Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine worldwide and has a broad business scope, including online advertising, live streaming, and intelligent driving. Douyin Group is a mobile application development company with a wide user base, and its products include Toutiao(头条), TikTok, Xigua Video(西瓜视频), and more. Ant Group is a Chinese internet financial services company, and its online payment platform Alipay is globally renowned.

2. Dark Horses on the Ranking: Zhangmen Technology, Mango Media, and Kingsoft Office

The list also features some internet dark horses, whose user traffic data is also impressive, such as Zhangmen Technology(掌门科技), Mango Media(芒果超媒), and Kingsoft Office(金山办公). Zhangmen Technology is mainly engaged in technology promotion and application services, providing intelligent technology solutions for the education industry, including online learning platforms, intelligent teaching aids, and more. Mango Super Media focuses on video media and has multiple wholly-owned subsidiaries, including HAPPY SUNSHINE(快乐阳光), EE-Media(天娱传媒), and Happigo Home Shopping(快乐购). Kingsoft Office mainly produces and sells information products and services, including office software, security software, games, and more, with well-known brands such as WPS Office (Kingsoft Office Suite) (金山办公套件)and Kingsoft Antivirus(金山毒霸).

Internet user traffic data can provide metrics for internet platforms to evaluate their popularity and user activity, and also provide references for brands to choose which platform to advertise on. If you want to develop more effective sales strategies and marketing plans based on internet user data, please feel free to contact us at

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