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TikTok Shop launched a new function: cross-border service market
Source: | Author:Monica | Published time: 2023-01-17 | 1217 Views | Share:

Recently, TikTok Shop launched a new function: cross-border service market. This function is designed to allow merchants to learn about service providers quickly, screen service providers that meet their needs, build alliance service providers, and supervise and evaluate the service quality of cooperative service providers. In TikTok Shop, there are various types of service providers, including advertising agencies, influencer marketing agencies, and so on. TikTok Shop hopes to help these service providers reach and cooperate with more merchants by letting them display their services on the page of the cross-border service market. From now on, cross-border e-commerce sellers can view the service providers and the variety of service types they provide on TikTok Seller Center > Service Market, and select the corresponding service provider. Service class authorization implements cooperative binding.

Service providers can also list qualified service categories on the TikTok Shop Partner Center (TTSPC) through the TikTok Shop Partner Center. The approved service categories will be displayed to merchants on the service market.

But the premise is that the service provider meets the corresponding category GMV, operation qualification, and other conditions to become a certified service provider of this category. General certified service providers will be displayed through official channels such as the official WeChat account TikTok Shop跨境电商”.

In addition, in the process of cooperation with merchants, for service providers with strong delivery capabilities and outstanding service quality, the platform will select the service provider with the highest comprehensive ranking according to the service provider's service market, classification, etc., and display for merchants' reference within a certain period.

In particular, if merchants find violations by service providers, they can report to the platform. If the reporting evidence is sufficient, TikTok Shop will send an email warning to the merchant, deduct points or expel the violating service provider.

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