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Instantly build your brand awareness through advertorials in China
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In today’s competitive market in China, how can your brand stand out? Apparently, without certain marketing strategies, it is challenging to do! A technique that helps companies quickly expose themselves and build their brand awareness —an advertorial—will be recommended in the followings. Read below if you are interested in what an advertorial is.

1. An advertorial effectively enhances sales and increases brand awareness

Ads do not always appear to be ads. They sometimes are disguised in objective journalistic content but are, indeed, paid ads called advertorials. There is no standard structure for advertorials, but most have similar features. To begin with, they have sponsored and promotional content. Advertorials are paid editorials presenting useful and interesting information to help sell goods and build brand awareness. Furthermore, advertorials are not hard selling. They do not include a straightforward call to action like ‘contact us now’. 

1.1. An advertorial presents as an information package 

An advertorial is a type of ad usually presenting as an information package, such as articles on online news and information platforms. Every advertorial is verified before posting on the platforms.

2. An advertorial efficiently helps your brand achieve the goals

An advertorial is an easier way for advertisers to connect with customers and promote their goods and services through a story as a result of achieving brand promotion. Here are the major advantages of an advertorial:

  • Long-lasting effect —The dissemination effect of advertorials published in China is durable and stable, compared with paid ads. Related articles are shown while searching for a relevant keyword.  

  • Optimize search engine results pages— When Chinese authoritative media publish advertorials like Xinhua, the business is likely to be highly reliable and trusted.


  • Cost efficiency—Advertorials, costing only about 1/10 compared to traditional ads, are more affordable and flexible while accessing a wide audience in China.

  • Maximize brands’ reach on multi-platforms—Leverage the existing reach of Chinese platforms like Toutiao and Tencent to tell clients that you are open and prepared for business across the whole nation.

3. Publish your advertorials on any Chinese platforms and channels you want

Here are the top platforms for promoting your advertorials in China.

Meanwhile, there are various types of channels on platforms you can choose to publish your advertorials depending on the contents. For example, you may publish your articles for IT brands via channels like 'IT digital technology', 'Finance and economic' for finance brands, 'Education and training' for education brands, 'Healthcare' for medical brands, etc. 

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