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A trick to build a "Golden Business Card" for your brand in Chinese search engines
Source: | Author:Candy Lv | Published time: 2022-10-25 | 1009 Views | Share:

To initialize online promotion, brands usually build their official websites to facilitate users understand their relevant information quickly and comprehensively. However, with the increasing diversity of online information, you will find diverse content linking to other websites instead of your official website while searching for a brand. It is common to see fake brand websites that users cannot distinguish and thus causing customer attrition.

Suppose you are also confused by the above situations. It would be best if you learned about the Official Website Verification (OWV) launched by Qihoo 360, which helps your real website stand out in the massive search information with a more authoritative image and thus increase the click of potential clients.

What is OWV of Qihoo360 and its benefits to brands?

Let's look at the comparison below regarding OWV: 


As shown in the figure above, the certified official website is equipped with a clear green official logo that users can identify and is directly known as the brand's official website. Also, 360 OWV has several advantages, as shown below:

1. Combating counterfeit websites: the official green logos can quickly distinguish your website from counterfeiters and enhance the authoritative image of your brand.

2. Reducing the loss of potential clients: the ranking of the certified official website is stable on the first page of the search result of your brand term.

3. Regardless of the region: users can see your authoritative search result regardless of location.

4. 24/7 online: unlimited period and clicks

What are the display formats of OWV of Qihoo 360?

When users search for pre-set keywords (such as brand words, product terms, industry, and other related words), the certified official website will appear in the search results. Moreover, the official website layout with OWV can be displayed in image-text formats. It allows users to obtain brand information quickly and increase user clicks with richer and sharper information than just the text-link URLs.

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