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Douyin: diversified content such as image-text posts will be further optimized in the future
Source: | Author:Amie | Published time: 2022-10-21 | 775 Views | Share:

News on September 20, Douyin revealed that it would focus on building new genres, such as image-text posts, in the future. Zhi Ying, vice president of Douyin, said that in the six years since its launch, Douyin's content genres have become more diverse, and there are more service partners, which has changed from an entertainment method to a lifestyle. Douyin's work will focus on building new content and serving new partners in the coming year.

The number of single-day users of Douyin image-text posts has exceeded 10 billion. More than 70% of active users read more than a dozen image-text posts daily on Douyin. Correspondingly, the number of authors has also improved significantly, with the number of people increasing tenfold in the past year, of which one in every 100 Douyin users is creating image-text posts.


(Impression of Douyin Image-text content (June 2021 – August 2022))

The impression of Douyin Image-text content reachs 10 billion. 70% Douyin users read image-text contents.

Before image-text contents were completely available, some creators had already integrated image content into the form of short videos.

In September last year, the food blogger "What Xiao Wang Drinks Today" released the first Douyin video about making homemade oat milk. With the help of a slide show, it created the effect of playing a short video, which received 21,000 likes. 

Before becoming a food blogger, she was a choreographer. She knew the impact of the completion rate on content dissemination, which she also used to image content, "image-text posts are the same as short videos. They follow the principle of three-second attraction, the first picture must be the most attractive, and the next few photos are gradual, like a narrative, to attract the audience to continue watching."


Douyin will support image-text post authors in an all-around way from traffic incentives, product functions, and monetization channels.

In terms of traffic incentives, more than 40% of the traffic will be tilted in two directions in the future: 

1. Real and objective, detailed and useful life experience, strategy evaluation

2. The niche interest of exploring oneself and leading trends

In terms of product functions, Douyin has increased the distribution of image-text posts into dual-column distribution for the internal testing of the first-level traffic entrance and search for "experience" cards on the homepage for some graphic and text interest users and has launched several tools to optimize the graphic and text creation experience.


Regarding product function, Douyin has launched a beta version of the landing page called "Exploration", which helps to increase the impression of image-text posts. Nevertheless, Douyin has launched a couple of creation tools for image-text content.

Douyin will offer commissions to specific creators in monetization, and high-quality image-text content will receive cash incentives based on search volume and collection. At the same time, high-quality image-text authors below 10,000 fans are granted the usage of "Xingtu", allowing authors to participate in paid projects of brands and advertisers.

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