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Learn more about China's content marketing channels and their user characteristics
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Do you know which are the major media for Content Marketing in China? What are the user characteristics of these platforms? Here is the article that helps you learn more about your target audience and access them through Content Marketing medias.

1. The Mainstream Platforms of Content Marketing in China

In recent years, China has seen the emergence of many innovative new social media content, such as press release articles, KOL, short videos, and livestreaming. These contents integrate various brands and products into people's life scenarios. Apps like Douyin, Weibo, Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu), WeChat, and Bilibili have become popular platforms for people to read product reviews and discover high-quality brands. These platforms also grant an annual growth in MAUs, thus bringing more exposure for brands to reach their target audiences.

2. User characteristics of different content marketing channels

From the study in 2021, Little Red Book stands out by a mostly female user base, while Weibo and Douyin have a more balanced user structure regarding gender.

Regarding age distribution, Weibo, Kuaishou, and Douyin users between the ages of 18-40 account for a large proportion, and the user base of the above 3 Apps are relatively much broader. Bilibili and Little Red Book users are generally younger, with 80% of users under 30 years old.


Douyin, Weibo, and Kuaishou are the top 3 apps that reach the highest number of MAUs in China. MAUs mainly concentrated on China's Eastern and Southeastern coasts, where people have more considerable purchasing power.


3. The User Preferences on Content Marketing channels

User content preferences are significantly influenced by individuals' age and gender. This also affects people's differences in buying decisions. For example, male users aged 18-30 would prefer information about digital technology, while females in the same age range focus more on beauty and job-related content, etc.


By recognizing user preferences and characteristics, brands can pick suitable platforms and reach the right people through content marketing according to their needs.

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