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Bilibili: New ad product to increase user attention
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2022-05-05 | 564 Views | Share:

Have you ever been dissatisfied by a well-crafted ad video that has a low playback rate? With the recently launched "immersive video ad," the video will be seen by more users.

Research institutes MOVRMobile and Unruly have found that smartphone users hold their devices in portrait orientation 94% of the time rather than landscape orientation, and 52% are used to locking the screen in portrait orientation. Compared with the horizontal screen, the vertical screen mode occupies the entire mobile phone screen and has gradually become the preferred method for displaying video content.

Bilibili recently introduced "immersive video ads" with the intent of making advertisements more in line with users' vertical screen usage habits. In order to improve the advertising effect, it will appear in native ads format in users' recommended feeds on the homepage and then enter the video stream from the homepage. These are the benefits of the new ad format and are explained with examples:


1. Promote natively and naturally to increase user attention.

Users watching videos on Bilibili will swipe up and down to watch new videos, and advertisers' videos will appear in certain positions. Advertisements are seamlessly integrated with other videos, which conform to the user's reading habits and processes and the entire process is natural and smooth, and there is no other content to distract the user. Therefore, through "immersive video ad", advertisers can place informative content and focused advertising materials, which can attract users' attention more, thereby achieving more efficient and cost-effective exposure.


Case: The female brand "Kotex" was promoted in conjunction with Women's Day to increase brand awareness, 

and the video playback rate increased by 87.5%.

2. Higher sales conversion rate with instant interaction with the audiences

As opposed to other advertising formats, users can engage in interactive behavior while watching the content of an "immersive video ad" such as sending barrage, liking, and commenting. In addition, the instant feedback allows users to interact naturally and smoothly with brand content, shortening the distance between the brand and its audience. By creating a sense of participation, you will boost your ad's video play rate and conversion rate.


Case 2:As part of the promotion of their water flosser, Usmile launched an advertisement video that features a shopping cart to shorten the conversion process. 

Compared with the same customer unit price product, the ROI was about 1.5, and the conversion cost was reduced by 27%.

3. Support a variety of promotional purposes and match your target audiences intelligently.

The "immersive video ad" of Bilibili can be used for various promotional purposes such as lead generation, app promotion, e-commerce, etc. It is suitable for advertisers to conduct multiple communication purposes such as product launching, brand marketing events, app downloads, and collection of potential user information.


Users can also be targeted by their interests, interactive behavior, such as browsing content on Bilibili and leaving comments, and being fans of industry-related KOLs, in addition to basic demographic targeting such as age, gender, and region. So that the conversion cost of advertising can be reduced by improving the accuracy of targeting potential audiences.

Case: Taking the game industry as an example, the overall app activation cost and games reservation cost were reduced by 20%, 34%, and 33%, 

respectively, when applying the precision targeting strategy of "immersive video promotion" to multiple games apps.

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