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Challenges for the Chinese media: new regulations on push notifications and pop-up ads
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On 2nd March, The Cyberspace Administration of China announced new rules on pop-up ads and push notifications. The Provisions on the Administration of Internet Pop-up Information Push Services mentioned that mobile apps, desktop software, websites, operating systems, and any entity is responsible for their services when they push notifications to users. 

The "Regulations on the Administration of Internet Pop-up Information Push Services (Draft for Comment)" address the information of the pop-up ads should not include illegal and bad information as specified in the "Regulations on the Ecological Governance of Online Information Content". Especially content that violates public order and good customs, such as malicious speculation about entertainment gossip, scandal, flaunting wealth, and humiliation.


To protect the users’ rights and interests, companies are not allowed to interfere users while they want to close the pop-up window in any form. Companies should ensure that each pop-up ad includes a statement with the name of the advertiser clearly. Besides, advertisers are not allowed to abuse the algorithms to only display the ad to under 18 or to even push messages that may have a negative influence on the physical and mental health to children.

Moreover, the pop-up ads should be identified that are marked with "advertisement" to indicate users and ensure that pop-up advertisements are closed with one click. It is not allowed to present third-party links, QR codes, and other information maliciously divert traffic and jump to using pop-up information push. Advertisers are also disallowed to induce users to click through the pop-up ads to implement traffic fraud (流量造假)and traffic hijacking(流量劫持).

Such that, pop-up service providers are responsible for information content security management and establish and improve management systems such as information content review, ecological governance, network security, data security, personal information protection, and protection of minors. At the same time, service providers should consciously accept social supervision, set up a convenient complaint and report portal, and promptly handle public complaints and reports on the pop-up information push service.

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