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New Digital Landscape – How a Top University in Hong Kong Used Bilibili to Further their Advertising Agenda
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2021-06-22 | 2302 Views | Share:

Although unconventional from a western digital marketing perspective, from a Chinese perspective, promoting educational events on an online video platform is not out of the ordinary. A previous client of ours, a leading University in Hong Kong, has advertised on BiliBili, a well-known Chinese video platform popular with China’s Gen Z. Leveraging our expertise in China digital marketing, QS provided tailored all-round digital marketing plans to the client, helping them recruit and reach more potential students. 

What was the challenge for QS? 

The University expressed they would like to promote both online and offline admission seminars through online media platforms. They wanted to recruit more participants for their seminars, and concurrently increase their participants’ awareness and knowledge of their MBA program, upon attendance of the admission seminar. The target was to increase the University’s exposure rate within a short period of time, to be achieved by reaching more Chinese netizens. 

Why was Bilibili selected as the promotional platform? 

Bilibili was proposed to the client as it is widely used by China’s youth – at present, 86% of its users are under 35 years old. Bilibili is also China’s No.1 online video sharing site, with average daily active users reaching 62.7 million in Q2 2021. The site started as an online platform for China’s young anime fans, and now hosts a variety of uploaded content about internet memes, education, etc. Bilibili was therefore proposed to the client as the platform would allow the University to reach the target population – undergraduate students or businesses interested in postgraduate courses. 

What strategy did QS implement? 

To deliver results for the client, QS implemented the following strategies:

1. Keyword retargeting – including new keywords i.e. ‘education’, ‘master degree’, ‘MBA’, ‘graduate study’, etc. 

2. Interest targeting – selecting the parameters of education/training, academic education, postgraduate counseling, etc. 

3. KOLs retargeting – suggesting KOLs relating to education and continuous study in association with the University 

4. Demographic segmentation – age, income, educational background, etc. 

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