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7 ways to increase your Click-Through Rate of the ad copies in China
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Ad copy is the first impression of an online advertisement. However, it is challenging to write an attractive ad copy for your target audiences, especially in China promotion with a large scale of competitions. Here are seven suggestions to help you write ad copy with high CTR.

Method 1: [Name of target audience] + [Emphatic words] + [Use number to increase confidence]

  • Quoting the target audience to increase the reader's sense of engagement

  • Put some emphatic words in the ad copy like [should do]. Other than highlight the importance of the content, using emphatic words can increase user's curiosity, leading to a higher willingness to click on your ads

Refer to the examples below.

1. A parent-child campaign:

    A Must know for every standard mother: 3 "signals" that your kid is hungry. (合格妈妈,一定要读懂这3种孩子饿的“信号”)

2. Toy product: 

    Attention to all parents! Never buy 4 types of stationaries harmful to your kid's health!(家长注意啦!这四种危害孩子健康的文具千万不要买!)

3. Vocational training: 

    As a freshman in the workplace, you must beware of 10 taboos in the office!(初入职场,你必须要知道这10种办公室禁忌!)

4. Exhaust fan product: 

    5 key metrics you have to consider while choosing an exhaust fan.(挑选油烟机,你一定要知道这5个关键指标参数。)


Method 2: [Number] + [Mysterious words like secret / trick / formula] + [Benefit]

  • Use mysterious keywords to raise user's interest, such as secret/trick/formula

  • State the benefit of your product to the user directly

Refer to the examples below.

1.Apply Now! MD Bakery - 6-day baking introductory course. (地域-品牌-烘焙6天零基础班,报名开始了!)


2. 10 minutes every day to learn the secret of financial planning via a 10-day course, FREE!(每天10分钟,在家学财务规划的秘诀,0元10天!)



3. 5 communication skills of high EQ person helping you to be welcome everywhere, especially the third!(5种高情商沟通技巧,尤其第3个,让你在哪里也能受欢迎!)

4. Tricks for your baby to empty his plate in 10 minutes!(10分钟,就能让宝宝光盘的秘诀!)

5. 10 skills to formulate popular short videos, especially the fifth one!(10种爆款短视频拍摄技巧,尤其第5个,高手们也在用!)

Method 3: [Number I] + [Number II] + ... + [Benefit]

  • Use multiple numbers to raise user's attention

  • State the benefit of your product to the user directly

Refer to the examples below.

1. English course: 

    Pass CET4 & CET6 by self-learning with 4 steps & 3 techniques!(4个步骤,3个技巧,自学也能通过四六级!)

2. Baby food course: 

    Make tasty baby food in 10 minutes with 2 simple ingredients and 3 steps!(2种食材,3个步骤,只需10分钟,你也能做宝宝爱吃的美味辅食!)


Method 4: [Number] + [How to] + [Become]

  • This method works with successful case studies, especially for short video ads, banner ads, and feed ads

Refer to the examples below.

1. NCEE course: 

    Counterattack! She turned from a weak secondary student to a CUC offer holder in 9 months!(高考逆袭!九个月如何从被劝退的学渣考上中国传媒大学)


2. Time management course: 

    He turned from extremely lazy into getting up early every day in just 3 months!(短短3个月,他如何从重度“懒癌”,变成现在每天坚持早起的?)

Method 5: [Your industry] + [Hate] + [Number]

  • Stating the industry increase user's sense of engagement

  • Describing the scenario which attracts users, use numbers to increase the user's curiosity further

Refer to the examples below.

1. Decoration service: 

    The 4 questions which a decoration company hate to hear from you(装修公司最不希望你问他的4个问题!)


2. Sales training course: 

    The 10 selling skills your competitors prevent from letting you know!(竞争对手做梦不想你知道的10个卖货绝招!)

Method 6: [Paint point] + [How to solve it] + [Number] + [Benefit]

  • Analysis user's paint point, attract users by expressing their pain points with a question

  • "How to solve it" is what users want to know most, bringing out the benefit to increase curiosity further

Refer to the examples below.

1. Vocational training: 

    Difficult to make friends in the office? Here are 5 tricks to make everybody like you!(在单位人缘不好怎么办?送你5个锦囊妙计,保证大家都喜欢你!)


2. Writing course: 

    No one ever interests in my ad copy? 10 simple sentence templates to increase your CTR!(想半天写的标题没人点怎么办?这10个句式直接套,10个人看了9个都会点!)

Method 7: [Number] + [If you......] + [Then...]

  • Use assumption to express the severity of a situation, which makes users pain and thus pay attention to the solution

Refer to the examples below.

1. Entrepreneurship course: 

    3 traps you may encounter while deciding the site. You may lose money if you don't know these traps!(开店选址的3个坑,如果你不知道,你的钱很可能打水漂!)


2. Time management course: 

    3 secrets to improve work efficiency for you. You only deserve working overtime if you don't know!(高效工作3个绝招,如果你不知道,活该你天天加班!)

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