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Sharing strategies of advertising premium display ads like 360 Fullscreen Ad
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Search Ad and Display Ad are the two major ways for online advertising. Display ads are widely adopted by advertisers in Mainland China because they can help brands to reach more leads in the market than search ads. There are several different formats regarding display ad such as banner ads and feed ads. What we would like to introduce here is the screensaver ad provided by 360. 360 screensaver ad can help brands to increase exposure with full-screen materials.

360 Screensaver ad - A premium display ad resource with full-screen size

360 has a wide range of premium display ad resources with various ad formats, such as screensaver, splash ad, app-skin ad, and pop-up ad, helping brands increase awareness on different screens and platforms.

360 screensaver ad is one of the most prominent online ad formats in terms of size. It appears in PCs with 360 Security installed as a full-screen banner after they enter the lock screen. According to market data, the eCPM of 360 screensaver ad is between ¥4-6 with 3-3.5% of CTR. This ad product is suitable for all brands in major industries such as app, education, retail, gaming, and finance.

Drive conversions using display ad resources like 360 screensaver ad

Here are some suggestions for utilizing premium display ads like 360 screensaver ads to achieve business targets.


Prepare different sets of creatives for different target audiences.

1. Generate various ad materials for different groups according to their search and browse practices.

2. Simulate the usage scenario of your product/service to increase user's interest

3. The performance of a set of regular materials shall be the best during the first three days and shall gradually expire after a week. Therefore, changing new materials on time is essential for keeping user's feeling of freshness.


Promoting your ad with various display ad resources in a campaign base

Here is a case study of utilizing multiple 360 display ad resources, including 360 screensaver ads.

1. Goal: Promote a new series of products for a major computer brand to boost sales

2. Strategy:

  • Choosing "Enterprise procurement" and "Office worker" as the target audiences based on analyzing search data, browse data, and user practice.

  • Prepare different ad materials for the two sets of target audiences

  • Finding users with the more significant need of purchasing a new computer by locating the user's computers with longer startup time based on the data of 360 Security

  • Utilizing multiple ad resources in different platforms, with coverage of scenes such as startup ad, pop-up ad, navigation ad, screensaver ad, and splash ad to boost impression.

3. Key result: During the 25-day ad campaign, the promotional video of the new product had a total of 15,000 views, UV of the landing URL has also been increased by 462%. Apart from the impression, the ad has brought around 1,000 valid form inquiries.

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