Paid Search ranks No.2 among China’s search engine industry with market penetration rate of 63.5%. This search engine supports dynamic advertising formats, capable to help advertisers to achieve cost-effective, result-driven and precise online promotion. (PC)

360 Search is the No.2 search engine in China with over 35% of market share.
The search volume reaches 700 million.

360-搜索PC (Mobile)

Keyword promotion is effective on 360 Mobile Search website as Mobile Search records 80 million times everyday.
360 Search ranks the second place in cross-device promotion in the industry. The setting of advertisement display on both Mobile Search and PC devices can be done simultaneously.


Keyword Promotion

With the keywords on 360 Search, advertisers can target potential clients.
Advertiesment content and bid price can be amended by advertisers flexibly.
By setting the filters of location and time,
it raises the convertion rate with better client coverage.


Text links & Site links

An advertisement combines pure text links and places on 360 Search results page.
It supports multiple sitelinks format to cover more information
and enhance the relevancy of advertisements.



FengWu is a creative display format of Text links & Site links  advertisement.
Systematic exploration of data, intellgience website analysis and materials from advertisers generate the search result. The result mainly relates to users’ searching behavior.


Brand Express

On 360 Search, Brand Express enjoys unlimited times of display. If users trigger the brand keywords during the promotion period, search result page will display the favorable advertising impact.


Premium Zone

To utilize the boundless resources on 360 Search, Premium Zone is the best tool.
Advertisements reach the top of search result page constantly when users trigger the specific generic terms.


360 Display Network

The 360 Programmatic Display Ad network is powered by billion daily traffic. It supports dynamic re-targeting models and hundred-thousands of target audience tagging approaches. With the help of this network, advertisers can effectively achieve brand exposure enhancment and ROI rising.

360 Navigation

360 Navigation is the largest navigate webisite in China with 1.74 hundred million
Chinese netizens and 6.9 hundred billion daily clicks. Navigation owns 19 tabs, which are entertainment, shopping, financial management, games and more. It aims to bring a customer-oriented one-stop-digital-services for netizens.


360 PC Security

Under the penetration rate of 96.6% and 5.14 hundred million monthly active users,
360 PC Security takes the crown in terms of user penetration and browsing time.


360 Browser

Secure and practical are the highlights of 360 Web Browser.
It marks 3.98 hundred million monthly active users.
Users penetration rate and daily volume reach 76% and 5 billion respectively.


360 Mobile

360 owns a complete mobile application system which covers billion devices, the huge traffic can help advertisers to conduct promotion with high brand exposure. One of the star products – 360 Mobile Assistant reaches 180 million in terms of daily in-app download volumn, where advertisers are able to promote their Android Apps to China netizens.

360 Mobile Security

The mobile antivirus software accumulates 9 hundred million mobile devices download rates and 1.3 hundred million monthly active users.。


360 Mobile Assistant

It is a mobile application store in China for Android system with 8 hundred million users.
The average daily distribution of applications reaches 1.9 hundred million.


Hua Jiao Live Streaming

It serves as the largest mobile social live streaming star platform in China. With the highlighted live-streaming by Key Opinion Leaders and celebrities, it is renowned among the 90s-95s. The download rate is gaining at 1.3 hundred million and monthly active users are around 3.5 million.


360 Big Data

By cross-screen (PC and Mobile products owned by 360 ) data mining, we analyse the data of website, keywords and audience to help adveritsers to place the advertisement more precisely so as to improve the performance.

360 Shangyi

A sophiticated big data business analytics platform launched by 360 – 360 ShangYi.
Through data from PC and mobile devices, 360 presents the users behavior and
market condition in a visible format. It allows advertisers to design and undergo a
precise marketing strategy.


360 Analytics

360 Analytics serves as a tool to perform website anlysis for existing advertisers.
Visitor flow of website, promotion analysis, visitor analysis, in-site analysis and industry analysis are the data to support advertisers’ evaluation.


360 DMP

A big data platform – 360 DMP introduces the tracking of advertisers’ target audiences.
By integrating the data from advertisers, 360 platform data and external parties’ data,
it spilts the target audiences into segments and boosts the advertisement performance.


360 Trends

360 Trends, a free and open platform, presents keywords analysis.
By digesting the search trend and users analysis of specific keyword,
advertisers can strengthen the overall search marketing strategy.