718 International Ads Festival



Date: 16 – 18 July 2019

718 International Ads Festival

Your First Step to the China Market

In recent years, China has seen meteoric retail growth thanks to the boom of online shopping platforms and festivals. As more and more Chinese consumers opt for international brands, China’s cross-border e-commerce market is also expanding faster than ever. According to a report from eMarketer, cross-border e-commerce sales in China totaled US$115 billion in 2018 and are expected to surge to US$127 billion this year.


With summer on the horizon, every Chinese consumer is ready to unleash their inner shopaholic and dive into online shopping. To add further momentum to this wave of shopping frenzy, 360 initiated 718 International Ads Festival coming up this summer. Facilitated by 360’s integrated promotional strategies and all-around media coverage, the total page views of 718 International Ads Festival are expected to exceed 5 million, bringing participating brands with tremendous exposure.


Join us to kick-start your journey to the China market!


718 International Ads Festival Details

Date: 16 – 18 July 2019

Target Industry: E-commerce, Retail

What to Expect:

  • High Consumer Traffic
  • Huge Database Collected from All 360 Platforms and Channels
  • Comprehensive Audience Analysis: Consumer Behavior, Spending Preferences, etc
  • Innovative Advertisements Plans for Both PCs and Devices
  • 360 Integrated Promotional Strategies
  • User-friendly Management Platform and Technical Support
  • Free Consultation with 360 Marketing Experts

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