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AppGrowing: Advertising of financial services continues to rise in China
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Since the intensive landing of China's financial regulatory policies in 2022 and the continuous market fluctuation, we are here to share the latest trends in China's financial ad market with our readers.

AppGrowing is a professional marketing data analysis platform in China, which recently sorted out the year 2022 (2022.01. -2022.09) during the financial industry's large-cap trends and creative advertising analysis. If you also want to know about it, don't miss out!

1. Financial ads in China have shown an overall upward trend since 2022

The figure provided by AppGrowing below shows the proportion of financial ads over the whole online advertising market in China. The proportion of advertising in the financial industry has shown an overall upward trend in 2022, accounting for 2.6% in January and recording a significant rise to 4.42% in August.



2. Most preferable China advertising channels for financial brands in 2022

According to the data of AppGrowing, financial advertisers have been focusing most on mainstream channels such as Baidu Tencent, Douyin, and Kuaishou in 2022. Among them, advertisers have relatively high advertising costs in Tencent and Kuaishou ads.


3. Demographics of financial users in China 2022

Taking the precious metals industry as an example, the target consumer groups mainly gather in China's first-tier and southeast coastal cities, including Beijing, Guangdong Province, Shanghai, Fujian, etc. Majority of the target audiences are young users between the ages of 25 and 34, and having a certain purchasing power.



According to Baidu Index, the frequent search terms of precious metals users are industry terms such as "国际贵金属" (international precious metals), "平台贵金属" (platform precious metals), "贵金属排名" (precious metals ranking), etc., which showed an intention of users to understand the industry. It is recommended that advertisers can select keywords with high relevancy during advertising in China.


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