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iResearch: PC full-screen ad reaches 469 million users in China every month
Source: | Author:Vivian | Published time: 2022-09-27 | 831 Views | Share:

It's no secret that the digital marketing world is constantly changing. The changes have left advertisers scratching their heads about how they choose the advertising formats.

China's leading market research and consulting company, iResearch, recently released the 'White Paper on Brand Marketing Strategies in China 2022'. The report analyses and advises advertising evaluation systems and strategies of concern to advertisers. Particularly, according to the report, brands at different growth stages will have their focus in terms of ad formats. Moreover, brand ads need to be carried out in a more visually appealing and pure form.

The data shows that advertisers favor PC full-screen advertising, regardless of their stages of branding. Why do they choose PC ads over other mediums? Let's look into it.

According to the research, easy-to-click and interactivity are PC screen ads' main advantages and guarantee a high level of consumer acceptance.

48% of PC users said they were willing to accept PC screen ads. 37% of users said they had noticed PC screen ads before and were impressed with the ad content. In addition, 72% of users said they prefer PC ads because they could click the links to instantly jump to the product details that they are interested in, while more than half of users stated the great visual impact of PC ads are memorable.

Take 360 Screensaver ads as an example. Users can be engaged by the full-screen images and videos on their devices. CTA buttons on screens also allow PC users to click on the ad details page, which drives consumers from awareness to purchase faster.

PC full-screen advertising is widely recognized for its effectiveness in brand building. To know more about PC full-screen advertising, feel free to contact us at

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