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2022 Search Engine Market Trend Report in China
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Do you know other platforms for search promotion in China besides Baidu? What are the most popular search advertising methods at the moment? CCTV Market Research Institute (CTR) recently released a "2022 Search Engine Market Trend Report", which will be discussed in this article.

1. Search engine marketing remains an important marketing channel for advertisers in China

The development of China's search engine market has been steadily rising. According to the report data, as of December 2021, China's search engine users reached 829 million, accounting for 80.3% of the total netizens. Search engines are still the main way for Chinese users to collect information.


In addition, the "Personal Information Protection Law of the Mainland" was officially implemented in November 2021 to pr¬otect Chinese users' personal information and privacy. Search engine marketing are mainly delivered through keywords actively searched by users. It is not necessary to use or involve user privacy data and information, which may benefit the growth of the search engine industry to a certain extent. Therefore, search engines are an essential promotion channel if advertisers want to succeed in China.

2. New pattern of search engine marketing: a more diverse ad platform 

With the development of information technology, users are increasingly inclined to watch videos, live broadcasts, etc., rather than the original graphic and text form.

To satisfy users' needs in different scenarios (such as watching short videos, watching live broadcasts, shopping, etc.), Chinese advertising media, including search engines, deploy new type of search ad combined with social networking, e-commerce, and information flow, etc. 

For example, when browsing news on Toutiao, you will search for answers; when you want to buy gifts on 520, you will search for recommendations from other users on Weibo; when you swipe Douyin, you will search for information about brands recommendation.


3. New options of search engine marketing: 51% of advertisers choose to increase the search promotion of Douyin and Toutiao

CTR surveyed multiple search advertising platforms and found that most advertisers will conduct search promotion on Ocean Engine (such as Douyin, Toutiao, and other mobile apps) in 2022. Besides, most users currently use mobile terminals, and 51% of advertisers said they would continue to increase their budgets in 2022. 

Ocean Engine is an advertising platform under ByteDance, including the promotion of Douyin (Chinese version of Tik Tok), Toutiao, Xigua Video and other APPs. As of August 2020, the daily search volume of Ocean Engine has exceeded 500 million, with a growth rate of 100% (250 million in 2019).

Douyin and Toutiao have become the most used search engines for users. 550 million users search on Douyin every month, and the number of views on Toutiao has exceeded 1 billion.

According to the report data, 54.6% of advertisers believed that users' acceptance of search engine marketing on apps like Toutiao and Douyin would be higher. Because the platforms will intersperse the advertising content with the content information, users will browse the content and search for relevant information, which will be more natural. The search results will be more suitable for users' needs.

Not only the traditional search ads or graphic advertisements, but advertisers can also display ad content to users through various advertisement formats such as short videos and live broadcasts. 

Advertisers in many industries put search ads on Douyin and Toutiao, gaining an additional 12-14% of new users based on users that can be reached by native ads, thereby gaining more conversion volume.

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