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“Magic Browser” declares bankruptcy after being sued by a video giant for blocking ads
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A Chinese netizen created a mobile browser named "Magic Browser". The program blocks advertisements and saves bandwidth. Chinese netizens often recommend it as one of the top mobile browsers. According to the company, the official announcement of bankruptcy and shutdown was largely due to a lawsuit filed by an "audio and video giant" regarding its ad-blocking function.

“Magic Browser” received a notice of indictment from a video website of a giant company for the ad-blocking function and had to pay huge amounts of compensation, according to the official website announcement. Since Magic Browser is unlikely to win this lawsuit, it will cease operations and go bankrupt.

In addition, the announcement stated: "In order to actively cooperate with the requirements of a cool company and other companies, Magic Browser will stop all ad-blocking functions as soon as possible, and will end all distribution channels. It has been announced that Magic Browser has ceased operations and will no longer be operating and providing any services. Despite not mentioning what video and audio website it was, it wrote “the requirements of a company like Kuo” and said it was a “video website of a giant company”. It is believed to be Youku since it is on a par with iQiyi and Tencent as they are the three largest video hosting services in China.

 "Magic Browser", which has been praised by Chinese netizens, is only developed by one individual. Magic Browser appears to have been created by a team despite only having one developer. With a volume of just a few hundred kb, Magic Browser is a clean, fresh and refined browser. It supports visual ad tags, resource sniffing, reading mode, image viewing mode, ad blocking, QR code scanning, intelligent no-image, Incognito browsing, night mode, literary mode, custom downloader, multi-window, automatic MiniBar, extension plug-in, super search engine prompt, custom search plug-in, custom UA, anti-tracking, pop-up blocking, icon replacement, viewing source code, magic plug-in, developer console, offline saving of web pages, one-click sharing of WeChat-QQ-Space-Weibo-Alipay platform and other features.

As some netizens commented after the release of the "Magic Browser", "I have no idea how long a team can last, and I'm not sure how long "Magic Browser" will accompany me, but I hope it will keep pursuing simple and beautiful experiences, insist on never forgetting the original intention, do not abandon, don't give up, take it seriously, and keep moving forward"." Unfortunately, even though the company did not forget its original intention, it was sunk by large companies due to blocking advertisements.

In fact, it's not only "Magic Browser" that is being sued for an ad blocker. Firefox's China-based wholly-owned subsidiary, Beijing Mozhi Firefox Information Technology Co., Ltd., has been sued by a variety of Chinese companies for ad-blocking as early as 2017.  The problem is, because "Magic Browser" is only a one-person company, it lacks the financial resources and manpower to fight against a large company in court, so it is best to declare bankruptcy and close it down directly.

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