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“Wending” - Latest choice of brand ad placements on
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2022-03-17 | 194 Views | Share:

Online traffic is always important for B2B cross-border e-commerce companies settling in the (Alibaba international site) and other platforms. ROI can be maximized and optimized operating efficiency with high-quality online traffic. Therefore, a new important ad product was introduced to match buyers and potential customers. is an international e-commerce site found by Alibaba Inc, which has been committed to connecting high-quality buyer traffic with high-quality sellers, thereby promoting the development of the platform and industry. “Wending (问鼎)” is a new way to start brand advertising on When users search for relevant brand information, the merchants with the right to “Wending” will be directly exposed to buyers interested in the brand on the search homepage, increasing the number of high-quality visitors to the store and promoting product sales conversion.

More importantly, the search results of "Wending" can be preferentially displayed to high-quality buyers. Once you choose the option "Priority expose your goods to gold level buyers", your ad will get a priority to display to gold level buyers first. This option is available to both PC keywords and mobile keywords. In addition, you may also set the priority exposure option to other relevant audiences such as "online retailers" and "brand followers" to achieve precise and targeted drainage.

Other than display to those active searchers, "Wending" provides extra marketing tools for sellers on For example, "Wending" ads shall be included in's standard EDM to reach gold level buyers, which helps sellers to pitch gold level buyers with their products again via email banners.  To target "online retailers", offers exclusive ad placements in external channels for "Wending" users, displaying products with high CTR / high CVR / high inquiry to multiple media channels, to further increase the traffic to the store.

To help the SME on go overseas, qualified “Wending” users are offered various value-added services, including free banner production, immersive mobile templates, and website builders. With the help of these value-added services, sellers in are able to start their marketing campaigns via multiple channels to overseas clients and build brand awareness in a quick manner.

It is believed that with the "Achieve the best" plan of Alibaba international website, more and more domestic small and medium-sized enterprises will confidently go overseas and successfully establish a foothold in the global market in the future.

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