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The next big step for e-commerce - and Shopify’s strategic partnership
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A big leap for global e-commerce developments, the major Chinese online retailer has formed a partnership with Canadian-based Shopify, to help global brands connect with customers and merchants around the globe.


The partnership allows Shopify and its users to access the world’s largest e-commerce market for merchants, by giving them access to one of China’s leading e-commerce marketplaces. Shopify merchants will be able to easily list their products on JD’s cross-border e-commerce platform, JD Worldwide, opening a new sales channel for Shopify merchants to access JD’s 550 million active customers in China who are shopping for quality and authentic products from around the world.


Typically, foreign brands should expect around a 12-month wait time before they can begin selling in China. However, with JD’s streamlined channel, JD Marketplace, Shopify merchants in the US will be able to begin their sales process in as little as three to four weeks.


JD will also provide the following services to merchants to support foreign brands’ launch in the China market, including:

  • Expediting onboarding to help merchants sell quickly;

  • Logistics to handle end-to-end fulfillment from JD’s US warehouses directly to consumers in China. JD’s China-US cargo flights, warehouses and delivery personnel will be assisting Shopify merchants;

  • Intelligent translation of product names and descriptions. is China’s leading one-stop e-commerce platform, providing over 550 million active customers with direct access to an unrivaled range of authentic, high-quality products, and helps leading international brands to expand into China’s ever-expanding e-commerce market. The company is a member of the Fortune Global 500.


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