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An Unconventional Approach: Bottega Veneta’s Chinese New Year Display Marketing Strategy
Source: | Author:QS | Published time: 2022-01-18 | 249 Views | Share:

As the Lunar New Year approaches, brands and businesses alike often incorporate celebratory messages in their marketing campaign. This year, in honor of Chinese New Year, Bottega Veneta staged a takeover of the Great Wall of China from January 6th to 12th. The display was the first of its kind in the luxury space to take over the Chinese national landmark, and showcased Bottega Venetas name and logo, and also the Chinese characters ‘新年快乐’, denoting Happy New Year in Chinese.



 Complementing Bottega Veneta’s marketing strategy is the intentional deactivation of its well-established social media channels – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. Bottega Veneta still has an account on WeChat, but has not published any new posts since February 2021. Instead of actively using social media to complement the brand’s sales and marketing, Bottega Veneta is instead opting to rely on netizens’ online discussion of their brand to garner impressions and create awareness of the brand.

Whether or not this strategy will be effective, only time will tell. In the meantime, tracking search engine results, keywords, and monitoring Chinese social websites are proven as reliable solutions enabling brands to monitor and quantify the performance of marketing campaigns. Doing so allows brands to allocate budget on various marketing strategies accurately and leverage and capitalize on effective strategies (i.e., targeted keyword bidding and targeting similar search terms).


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