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Choosing Mini-site service for advertising – Hosting-free, Coding-free, flexible
Source: | Author:QS | Publish time: 2021-08-17 | 42 Views | Share:

In the past, brand owners developed an official website for their brand and used the website for advertisement. However, it is not a flexible choice in terms of hosting and coding, generating extra costs during each modification. 

Nowadays, many major media platforms in China, such as Baidu and 360, provide a mini-site function, allowing advertisers to build up their advertising landing page by utilizing templates and tracking the conversion records easily.  The mini-site option helps advertisers start their advertising quickly and increase the possibility of conversion with industrial templates.

Why should you choose the mini-site service for your online promotion in China?

The mini-site function provided by media like Baidu, 360, and Oceanengine could help advertisers build a landing page for various kinds of conversion targets. Advertisers could make landing pages that are coding-free and hosting-free. Below are the advantages of adopting a mini-site for your promotional campaign.

1. No ICP required: Mini-site can be displayed in China without having an ICP

2. Rapid web hosting: The connection speed of mini-sites are stable because the sites are stored in the media server in Mainland China, and also being protected by the security policy of the media

3. High compatibility: Mini-sites support customized landing page for PC page and mobile H5 page

4. Easy conversion tracking: All direct conversions displayed in the management panel of the mini-site

5. Support multiple conversion types: Mini-sites supports several conversion types such as download, call, online inquiry and contact form