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Advertising in China with short video - the most popular ad format
Source: | Author:QS | Publish time: 2021-08-24 | 93 Views | Share:

In 2020, over 36% of advertisers in China had chosen video to promote their products online, ranking no.2 among all online ad formats. Statistics showed that users in China preferred watching short video ads most, followed by TVC ads and video feed ads. We suggested advertisers upload and promote short video ads regularly to promote their product/services more effectively. 

Can you film a short video ad that fits the interest of Chinese users?

Other than TVC ads, short video marketing with various contents can increase user's intention to understand your brand. Short stories, influential IP collaborations and random interviews are the most preferrable kinds of contents by the Chinese users. 

Brand owners can deliver the promotion of their products or services to Chinese user effectively with the help of short video ads.

Learn how a leading skincare brand maximize the performances of their short video ads

In the 2020 promotion, a total of 910M views have been achieved by Lancôme’s short video ad in Douyin, which ends up an increase of 530,000 new followers. Douyin is the most prominent short video platform in China, while its vast traffic helps brands to promote using short video ads effectively. Here are some suggestions to optimize your short video ad:

1.Video length <= 30s and raise the pain point in the first 3s.

2.Put the significant selling point in the middle part of the video.

3.Use spoken language as the tone to keep user's comfort, understanding the target audience, like chatting with friends.