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WeChat Mini Program - "Sub-Application" within WeChat Ecosystem
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"Powerful" of WeChat

If you would like to launch your business in China, you need to be engaging with the Top 1 China’s daily life app – WeChat - instant messaging and social networking app. 

What is WeChat Mini Program?

WeChat Mini Program, an “add-on” service platform within WeChat Ecosystem, debuted only a few years ago but have already reached over 440 million daily active users in 2020. WeChat Mini Program could reach millions of Chinese netizens daily by catching people’s eyeballs of your company’s promotions and thus make more clicks and conversion. 

Any Special of WeChat Mini Program?

WeChat Mini Program supports different types of programs, for example, games, news, e-commerce, video, etc. 

  1. Brand can personalize the WeChat Mini Program according to their needs and requirement. It is a great way to enhance brand loyalty and raise brand awareness of Chinese customers.

  2. The mini program is also an excellent tool for providing customer service and support by launching its loyalty services and membership programme.

  3. Open an online store via WeChat Mini Program, and the brand can quickly get access to WeChat users and WeChat Pay – the payment system of WeChat. Customers can buy the products or services efficiently and allows brands to channel traffic and utilize the convenience of WeChat Pay. 

Does it necessary to have WeChat Mini Program for your business?

Whether you have considered the traffic of the WeChat Mini Program that could boost the sales for millions of revenues and increase customer experiences, then WeChat Mini Program must be an excellent choice for you. WeChat Mini Program will help your business reach and interact with more Chinese netizens, retain loyal customers, and bring in new sales. 

B2B also have its WeChat Mini Program?

Of course, B2B businesses could also utilize the WeChat Mini Program functions to reach more potential business partners. The well-known electronic component distributors launched their one-stop e-commerce and customer service platform in WeChat Mini Program. 

Following are the three requirements of the brand:

  1. Collect the Chinese customers’ data, and push notifications of the company’s activities. 

  2. A fast-tracking and access channel to reach the Chinese customer and allow them to register the company’s activities. 

  3. Allow the Chinese customers to watch part of the live-streaming activities. 

Procedures for Developing a WeChat Mini Program

  1. Collect the needs and requirements: Collect all the needs and conditions of the business and summarize them in the UI logic. 

  2. Design the user interface: Designing the user interface according to the business’ needs and requirements. The estimated time for design is around 10 days.

  3. Develop the WeChat Mini Program: The programmer will develop and code the program. The developing time of the program is estimated 30 days.

  4. Training and Maintenance: After developing the WeChat Mini Program, QS Search will provide the training for the responsible staff. One-year maintenance and support will be also provided.