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Promote your Brand effectively with 360 Full-Screen Ad Solution
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Are you worry about no one could see your well-set ads? Is it expensive to display the ads in a high-quality advertising position? No worries, 360 Pictorial Screensaver which occupies the whole PC screen during each display is the best choice for displaying your ads!


360 New Pictorial screensaver, 350 Million High-traffic Products

360 Group launched a new graphic screensaver, a large PC screen suitable for both movement and static and full of immersion. The graphic screensaver able to reach target groups during office hours, as well as helping brand exposure. When the computer is inactive for 5 minutes, the screensaver will automatically display some beautiful wallpapers. Currently, the average daily request for 360 Adverting Screensaver has reached 350 million times. 


Gain 1 billion PC and 100 million Online traffic, with 7.04% Click Through Rate

360 Pictorial Screensaver displays the ads to 98% of the internet users, covering all the 360 PC and mobile software users. It ensures the exposure of the brand and targets the younger generation. By utilizing the display area of 360 software and external software, 360 Pictorial Screensaver can gain 1 billion PC and 100 million online traffic. It can also reach the target audience precisely during office hours.

The click through rate of 360 Pictorial Screensaver has reached 7.04%, with the cost per thousand lower to RMB 8, which is an effective and all-in-one display ads area. Ads will be trigger automatically, no interruption is allowed. By clicking on the ads, it will direct to the landing page of the brand, in order to achieve the second time for brand exposure and conversion. 

360 Pictorial Screensaver can display exquisite images, full-screen videos, and small-window videos. 

1. Demo of image display

CTR: 2.50% ~ 7.04%, CPC: ¥0.27 ~ ¥0.73

2. Demo of video display

CTR: 2.86% ~ 5.08%, CPC: ¥0.28 ~ ¥0.42

(Source: 2021.4.1-2021.4.6 360 Luxury Industry Data)

Demo of Excellent Cases


1. Regularly update at least 4 sets of promotional material

2. Choose the best-performed ads to promote in the long term by taking an A/B test to increase the conversion rate


1. Cooperate with the launching of new products for a long term

2. The landing page redirects to the gift recommendation page of the official webpage to increase conversions


1. Cooperate with Christmas new products promotion events

2. Display the features of 4 different products and redirect to their respective landing pages

3. Target the segment based on the keyword analysis to further increase conversions

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