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New Digital Landscape - Leading University in Hong Kong X Online Video Sharing Platform
Source: | Author:QS | Publish time: 2021-06-22 | 23 Views | Share:

Is it possible for educational institutions to promote online video sharing platforms?

It seems so wired to promote the educational event on an online video platform. In fact, Hong Kong leading university does advertise on BiliBili, China well-known video platform that is popular in Generation Z. QS search has provided customized and all-round digital marketing plans to reach their target. Let’s see how we help to promote the brand.

What is it about?

The university would like to promote both online and offline admission seminars through online media platforms. It aims to increase the exposure rate in a short time by reaching more Chinese netizens. Recruiting more participants for the admission seminars increases the participants’ awareness and knowledge of the MBA programme.

Why this platform?

Bilibili, the Top 1 online video sharing platform in China, many youngsters watch videos to acquire information and entertain. It is easy to reach the target audience, i.e., undergraduate students or businesspeople interested in postgraduate studies.

What is the strategy? 

I.Keyword retargeting (education, master degree, MBA, graduate study, etc.)

II.Interest targeting (education/training, academic education, postgraduate counselling)

III.KOLs retargeting (suggested KOLs related to education and continuous study)

IV.Demographic segmentation (age, education background, income, etc.)