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China advertising trends and strategies of education industries
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Since the outbreak of covid-19, over 1 billion people in China have been suffering from quarantine issues, which has increased the demand for online education significantly. In 2020, 32.44% of total spending in China was related to education. The willingness to spend on education continues to increase, gradually becoming a significant expenditure of Chinese families. Having this massive demand in the market, how can education brands connect with their potential consumers?

Top media platforms chosen by education brands

In Q1 2021, education brands' spending on online ads is ranked no.4 in the digital advertising market in China. Education brands are especially favorite in various media choices such as Sogou Ads, Baidu DSP, Baidu Native Ads, Tencent Ads and Ocean Engine.  

What are the actual needs of different user segments?

According to the user data from media platforms stated above, GenZs, post-90s, and post-80s are the major users of education services. These segments of users share different needs regarding education products and services.

  • GenZ: Pays most attention to content related to study, exams, and tutorial classes, while sharing the highest demand for online homework (Q&As). Teaching methods that lean towards innovative, engaging, and interactive learning content are the most popular among GenZs.

  • Post-90s: Pay most attention to job or interest-related learning content like operation, online education, data research, etc. 75% of users are willing to learn new skills and knowledge for career development.

  • Post-80s: Most post-80s users are parents that want the best education for their children. They are less concerned about price but more about the education brand’s reputation, teacher’s professional level, curriculum planning, etc. Moreover, most fathers pay more attention to business management, engineering design skills, and communication courses. Mothers tend to choose vocational training such as health managers and civil servants with relatively free working hours. 

As a result, online ads about skills for career development, examination training, language training, and interest-related courses are easier to attract users' interests.

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Tips for education brands to advertise in China

To tackle different segments of target audiences, education brands need to choose the corresponding media channels with higher similarity of audiences. Also, advertisers are suggested to generate advertising materials for different user segments so that the ads can reach the target audience effectively. Below are examples of the strategies for creating materials.

1.Focus on the advantages of your brand, like strong faculty, innovative courses, etc.

2.Focus on the needs of different targeted groups, customizing creative advertising, like1-to-1 Professional Development courses, Skillset Enhancement courses for Management, etc.

3.Promoting short video ads with the appearance of experienced educators and popular BGM to attract users' attention.

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