Tap into the Power of Father’s Day in China


孝 (Xiao), which means filial piety, is a core value in China’s society. It is no surprise that Chinese people are willing to splurge on Father’s Day for celebration. We all know that it is a day reminding us to express our gratitude and love for our fathers; however, it is hard to ignore the tremendous business opportunities of Father’s Day in China! Supported by Qihoo 360’s big data collected from various online channels between 2017 and June 2019, this article will give you insights on how to optimize your online marketing strategies and better market your brand in China.

Who is your target audience?


The first step to reach your audience is to know who they are. From the following pie chart, it can be seen that most people who have searched “父親節” (Father’s Day) in China are aged 19 to 24, followed by 25 to 34.

Which province cares about Father’s Day the most?


China is a big country where people’s demands and interests are highly diversified. Among all the provinces across China, Guangdong province has the highest level of attention towards Father’s Day, almost a triple of others. What come after are Zhejiang province and Shandong province, which are both in the eastern part of China.

When to implement my online marketing campaigns?


To maximize the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns, you must consider when to launch it to reach as many people as possible. Last year, the amount of attention to Father’s Day slightly rose on June 11 to 15 and peaked on June 17, the Father’s Day. Likewise, in 2017 when Father’s Day was on June 18, there was a steady increase of attention from June 12 to 16, and a rapid surge from June 17 to 18.

This trend tells us that the closer it is to Father’s Day, the more people engage in related online activities, making the week before Father’s Day the optimal time to promote your products and achieve higher impression rate. What is more, Father’s Day and the day before it are the “Golden Period” when most people conduct online search, and you do not want to miss this out!

Looking at this chart which shows the average hourly attention received, you will notice that there are two periods that most people engage in online activities related to Father’s Day – 9 am to 11 am and 2 pm to 4 pm. These would be the best times to promote your brand on your social media platforms, search engines as well as other online tools to reach your target audience.



As marketing has moved from traditional to digital, it is crucial to locate and understand your target audience to design the most suitable marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, consumers’ shopping frenzy provoked by popular holidays and festivals in China provides international brands with tremendous opportunities to expand their business to China. How will you refine your marketing strategies to tap into the festivals in China?



What’s Next?


In many ways, China’s digital world is different from that of Hong Kong and many other countries. Not only do you need to understand China’s online market, but also to master winning digital marketing skills so as to make your brand stand out in the competitive market. Want to know how to thrive in China’s e-commerce market using the latest digital marketing skills? Join the China E-commerce Workshop and discuss with us!


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