360 China Digital Excellence Congress 2018

360 China Digital Excellence Congress 2018

Hong Kong, November 28, 2018 – 360 Group held its annual marketing event, “360 China Digital Excellence Congress 2018”, organized by the 360 International Advertising Unit in Hong Kong. Themed “Digital Convergence and Wisdom of Future Marketing”, this signature event featured senior executives from 360 together with industry leaders who shared visionary insights into digital marketing trends in the “User Management Era” and adopting “Screen Integration Marketing” as an effective marketing solution in China, as well as how 360’s big data analytics and artificial intelligence help local and international enterprises achieve marketing results and generate business value.

At the Congress, 360 also hosted an award ceremony to recognize overseas enterprises which have made significant contributions to China’s digital marketing in 2018.

Screen Integration Marketing and big data tools help create marketing breakthroughs

In his keynote speech “Recent Landscape and Trend of Digital Marketing in China”, Mr. Willy Yang, Vice President of 360 Group, stressed that China’s internet industry has undergone many substantial changes in the past year that marketers should not ignore, which marked the end of the “Traffic Driven Era” and the arrival of the “User Management Era”. First of all, more refinement is required for devising strategies and allocating budget for digital marketing on PC and mobile. 360 sees a huge potential in PC advertising. For example, in 2018, the PC advertising revenue of 360 recorded over 200% year-on-year growth. Secondly, O2O (online to offline) integrated marketing is more effective. In view of this, 360 has already formed a strategic partnership with Focus Media to provide advertisers with online and offline integrated marketing channels and opportunities, revitalizing lower tier markets. As a result, running incentive advertisements with visuals and videos on “Pinduoduo” and “TouTiao” platforms can help effectively tap these tier-3 and tier-4 markets, achieving exponential customer growth. Last but not least, in this “Industrial Internet” age, traditional enterprises should consider how to leverage on the deep integration of ICT and the Internet to reconstruct the industry value chain, increase production efficiency and improve overall productivity. Willy said, “Despite the ever-changing market and customer behavior, 360 is committed in assisting advertisers to achieve the best results through its smart devices as well as PC and mobile cross-screen intelligent digital marketing solutions, in conjunction with our AI technologies and big data tools.”

Mr. Binson Liu, General Manager of Commercial Products Division of 360 Group, shared his insights in his keynote speech “How Overseas Brands Should Adapt When Tapping into China Market in 2019 with 360 Screen Integration Marketing”: “In the ‘User Management Era’, it is crucial for advertisers to choose the right marketing platforms, channels and products. As a leading marketing platform promoting commercial products valued at over 10 billion yuan in China, 360 provides advertisers with refined strategies and offerings for PC, mobile and offline marketing channels. ‘News Feed Advertising’ has become a new marketing trend, where marketers should focus on the importance of choosing the right marketing channels to interact with people at the right time. As a leading Internet company in China, 360 has been dedicated to helping advertisers to promote their brands and achieve a win-win situation with its commercial technology innovations. 360’s cutting-edge data warehouse and data analytics system can provide advertisers with comprehensive user insights. In addition, with its AI technology, 360 can also support intelligent ad planning, creative idea generation and ad performance optimization during the ad placement period, making marketing campaigns more accurate and effective.”

Cases were shared at the event, demonstrating how enterprises are modernizing to achieve marketing outcomes and create business value from content digitization and cutting-edge technologies using 360’s solutions based on its big data and AI.

Mouser Electronics, a worldwide leading authorized online distributor of electronic components, had its impressions broken to 1,600,000 within a month in China, with 360’s digital marketing solution. Ms. Daphne Tien, Vice President of APAC Marketing & Business Development, Mouser Electronics, commented on its cooperation with 360 at the congress: “In order to seize the huge market potential in online marketing, we leveraged on 360’s big data tools and search engine to precisely reach our target customers and conduct appropriate marketing strategies. In the end, we achieved better marketing performance than we had expected. For example, our average click-through rate (CTR) exceeded 99% in a month.

360 MASTER Awards 2018 (Overseas) – Underpinning the power of digital creativity in transforming traditional brands in the digital era

360 presented 12 MASTER Awards to overseas enterprises and brands which achieved distinguished marketing performance in China’s digital marketing in 2018. The winners’ successful campaigns and strategies highlighted the best marketing practices for international enterprises. 360 Group aims to encourage overseas marketers to enter China and participate in digital transformation, and ultimately create a win-win for both the brands and customers.

Tony Yung, Senior Vice President of eCommerce of Sa Sa International Holdings Limited, said, “We are honored to receive the ‘Best Brand Strategy’ award. This notable result gives recognition to our efforts in developing our digital marketing campaign. In the coming years, our team will put extra effort into integrating our business objectives with creativity and innovation.”

The results for the 360 MASTER Awards 2018 (Overseas) were based on the analysis of online users’ behavior on 360 Shangyi and 360 Archives (including search pattern analysis in 360 Search, web browsing behavior in 360 Navigation and APP users’ behaviors in 360 Mobile Assistant).

360 China Digital Excellence Congress 2018

The 360 China Digital Excellence Congress 2018 marked a milestone for 360 Group as it offered an interactive platform for more than 100 business leaders from a wide range of industries including e-commerce and retail to exchange their views and explore the best marketing practices in China.