With the support from 360’s big data analytics platforms and 800 Million 360 Product Users’ Data, “360 Industry and Internet Trends Research Report” covers Chinese netizens’ behavior trends, and market studies of a variety of industries including e-commerce, retail and tourism.

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360 Search is the 2nd largest search engine in China. The cooperation with 360 Search perfectly align with our marketing strategies in Greater China. As compared to Baidu, we found conversion rate through 360 was 30% higher.


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With its diverse number of ad products 360/so.com has been a valuable channel for iHerb in reaching Chinese consumers, and we look forward to continuing our investment knowing we have a responsive partner providing great service.


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360 helped Mouser to target clients precisely with appropriate digital marketing strategies – which took Mouser’s advantages as a small-lot distributor into consideration, assisting clients to search and purchase their demanded products effectively.


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